Related Groups

We value working closely together with other Dominicans to further our common mission of preaching the Good News of Christ Jesus. We currently collaborate with:

Dominicans at the United Nations in New York
Dominican Leadership Conference represents the worldwide Dominican Family, at the United Nations in New York, USA. Dominicans for Justice and Peace represents our Family at the United Nations in Geneva.  Dominican sisters and brothers, living in over 101 countries gives us a wonderful opportunity to bring their experience to the United Nations, to share their stories, their realities, their hopes and dreams for their people with the United Nations missions and Secretariat.

Collaborative Dominican Novitiate
Collaborative Dominican Novitiate is a joint effort by 17 congregations of Dominican women to provide its members in initial formation with an experience of the larger Dominican Family.

Dominican Sisters Conference
The Dominican Sisters Conference unites the sisters and associates of the U.S. Dominican Congregations in their mission to preach the gospel of Jesus, standing as a clear voice for truth, justice and peace.

For an excellent overview of the news and activities of the Dominican Family in the United States and beyond, visit Dominican Life USA, the website of Dominican Sisters Conference.

Dominican Volunteers USA
Dominican Volunteers USA is a lay mission program that invites men and women for a 10 to 12 month term of life in mission and in intentional Dominican community.

Dominican Sisters International (DSI)
Dominican Sisters International (DSI) is a global network of Dominican Sisters emphasizing the development of mutual relationships. DSI provides a way for Dominican Sisters to speak with each other across continental lines.

Dominican Alliance
The Dominican Alliance is a collaboration among eight congregations which began in 1997. Members include:

The mission statement of the Alliance is: “Itinerant Dominican women, committed to collaboration, link their energy, resources and personnel to preach the Gospel.” The Leadership of the Alliance meets twice a year and collaborate through a Vocation committee, an African Connection Committee and an Eco-Justice Committee.