Mini Live-in Experience

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Mini Live-in Experience

Mini Live-In ExperienceCommunity life is very important to Dominicans – in fact, along with prayer, study and service, community is one of the four pillars of the Dominican charism, or “grace given by God.”

Women who have begun the discernment process with the Dominican Sisters of Peace often take some time to actually live with the Sisters. Spending some time with our community allows you to experience the daily rhythm of our lives in prayer and ministry, and to taste the blessings of community life.

Discerners who have taken this opportunity say it has been an invaluable part of their discernment journey because it gave them a view of our life from the inside.

We welcome you to stay with us at one of our Houses of Welcome:

  • In New Haven, Connecticut, contact Sr. June Fitzgerald, OP, at 570-336-3991 (call or text) for more information.

  • In Columbus, Ohio, contact Sr. Bea Tiboldi, OP, at 614-400-1255 (call or text) for more information.


  • What Women Shared About Their Experience

    “These past two weeks have been a tremendous blessing for me and have been of incomparable importance to my discernment path. Having this opportunity to visit with the Sisters in various areas and to see the ministries that they are involved in has given me a much fuller picture of the richness and variety of Dominican life. Hearing their stories has been inspiring, and living and praying with them over these two weeks has provided a priceless taste of community life. Experiencing all this firsthand has impacted my discernment process more deeply and profoundly than merely hearing about such things ever could have. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity and will treasure the precious gift that this experience was for me.” – Katie

    “I was extremely blessed in the opportunity to participate in a mini live-in experience with the Dominican Sisters of Peace. As a discerner with primary interest in the Dominican Sisters of Peace, I read about the great ministries led by the sisters and tried to obtain as much information regarding the Order. I was blessed to participate in various discernment and spiritual retreats, but none were as informative and revolutionary for my discernment as the mini live-in experience. This experience granted me a tangible opportunity to witness the different missions and personally encounter the life changing ministries led by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Each of the Sisters who I met while staying with the sisters impressed me as brave, powerful and knowledgeable. God has granted them so many talents and they use their gifts to make their communities a better place. Through their work, the Sisters empower, lift up the spirit, give testimony of God’s love and follow the example of Christ. – Ana