Finding Joy in Dominican Life

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Our Commitment to the Dominican Way Of Life

The Dominican Sisters of Peace and our Associates warmly welcome you to join us along a journey toward a more peaceful, equitable and just tomorrow.

In keeping with the four pillars of the Dominican Charism, Prayer, Study, Community and Service, our Sisters around the world show our love of God through our service to God’s people. Our multi-cultural, multi-generational Congregation serves in 27 dioceses across the United States and in Nigeria.

As members of the worldwide Order of Preachers, we share the Gospel of Christ’s peace through our words and through our lives.

We Pray for Peace this Advent

In a world that is hungry for compassion, for unity, and for love, the Dominican Sisters of Peace wish you the greatest gift of the Season – Peace.

Join us each week during Advent as we celebrate our ministries that build peace in our families, between the generations, in our churches and communities, and with our precious planet Earth.

May our combined prayers bring Christ’s peace to a world in such great need.

Where do we find joy?

The Dominican Sisters of Peace find joy in our daily walk with God and with our community, in the work we do for God’s people, and in the companions who share their time and talents with our ministries.

  • Being Peace

    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.

    Christ’s words in the Gospel of John inspired our name… and inspire our daily lives, as we live in peace and speak with peace in every encounter.

    Be a part of our mission to make the world a more peace-filled place.

    How We Became Peace

    Our Commitments

  • What We Do:

    We are committed to ministries of spirituality, education, ecology, economic and social justice, and more.

    Through our founded ministries and our work in churches, communities, and schools, we strive to bring peace to the world.

    Our Domestic Ministries

    Our Overseas Ministries

  • Our Dominican Associates

    Dominican Associates are lay people who work and walk with the Dominican Sisters of Peace in their lives of prayer, study and ministry to God’s people.

    Anyone with a heart for peace can become a Dominican Associate… learn how!

    What is a Dominican Associate?

We Pray for Amazonia during the Dominican Month of Peace

Since 2017, the Dominican Order has celebrated the “Dominican Month for Peace.” During December, we learn about and pray for a nation where the Dominican Family ministers and serves. We focus on issues related to justice and peace in the country. In 2023, the Dominican International Commission for Justice and Peace has selected the Amazonia Region – known as Amazonia. This mass of land is made up of the regions whose waters flow into the Amazon River.

What Do You Want of Me, Lord?

  • Single, Catholic women aged 18-45 will have the opportunity to spend time with the Dominican Sisters of Peace to talk about your own vocation, ask questions about discernment and religious life and meet our sisters by joining us for prayer, meals, presentations, conversation, and fun.

Who are the Dominicans?

The Order of Preachers, abbreviated OP, is also known as the Dominicans, after our founder, St. Dominic. The Dominicans were the first itinerant order, leaving the monastery to preach the truth of the gospel and Christ’s love.

The first Dominican institution was a convent in the French city of Prouille. The order was founded in 1215 in Toulouse, France.

The first Dominican women religious in America were our foremothers, the Dominican Sisters of St. Catharine, founded in 1822 in Kentucky.  

Our Ministries

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Do You Hear Your Call?

Are you looking for something more?

We can help you recognize God’s call in your life.

We all start at a different place in the journey,  but we’ve all been where you are today.

We are committed to sharing the knowledge and resources to help you find your way.  Let’s walk together.

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We are grateful to Suzanne Wong for her image of Signadou. Signadou (from the French, meaning ‘sign of God’) is the site in Fanjeaux, Southern France, where St Dominic’s vision for the Dominican Order began to unfold. We are blessed by Suzanne’s preaching.