Peace and Justice Videos

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Peace & Justice Videos

Dominican Sisters of Peace strive to be women of peace and seek to share the peace of Christ with others. See the video below to learn about how our Sisters are working to bring peace to one community in New Orleans. Our ministry of preaching peace and working for justice is captured in this other video on protecting dreamers. You can learn more about our peace and justice efforts, where we endeavor to respond to the violence in our world, speak out against the exploitation of poor people, and advocate for the protection of our planet by visiting our Peace and Justice Ministries webpage.

  • Peace Center (7 minutes)At this outreach center, several Sisters continue the commitment of the Dominican Sisters of Peace to the people of New Orleans within the Marlyville-Fontainbleau neighborhood. Listen to Sr. Therese Leckert, O.P. as she describes the various ways the Peace Center is serving this neighborhood.

  • Protect Dreamers (4 minutes) – Our congregation reaches out and supports immigrants and this video highlights the issues that Dreamers face and how we are advocating for their needs.