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Silence Says it All

[caption id="attachment_1933" align="alignright" width="200"]Blog by Sr. Pat Thomas, OP Blog by Sr. Pat Thomas, OP[/caption] Grandma Mary stayed with her five-year-old grandson Billy one night when his parents were out for the evening. When he was ready for bed, Grandma asked if she could sit with him while he said his nightly prayers. When Billy was ready, Grandma came and sat on the edge of the bed as he knelt beside it. As Billy knelt there, he folded his hands and put his head down. After a lengthy silence, Grandma said, "Billy, are you praying yet?" He replied, "Sure am, Grandma." "Well," she said, "did you remember to pray for mom and dad and the new baby?" "Absolutely, Grandma." More silence ensued until Grandma said, "Billy, are you praying for aunt Susie and uncle Tim? They need a new house and have all sorts of money problems. So, don't forget them." Billy raised his head a little and said, "I won't, Grandma." After a little more silence, Grandma began to feel a little uncomfortable and spoke up again. "Billy," she asked, " are you really praying?" Billy put down his hands, glanced up at her with love and said, "I am really praying, Grandma, but you know, sometimes you just don't need words." He raised his hands and bowed his head, and so did Grandma. God knows the prayers we really want to say.

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