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Dominican Sisters of Peace Pass Corporate Stance on Global Climate Change

The Dominican Sisters of Peace have approved a corporate stance on global climate change that states: "The Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates are committed to reducing the impact of global climate change. We support actions, programs and legislation on all levels to protect Earth’s climate, with particular concern for the negative impact affecting the lives of the poor." Through this statement the Sisters join their voices with many other religious congregations, faith traditions and justice organizations to call for action on this issue that threatens the health and well-being of our entire planet but most especially the poor. "Climate change is a global problem with grave implications. It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day," Pope Francis said in Laudato Si' (#25). The Dominican Sisters believe that "environmental issues and justice issues are intertwined elements of how we are called to relate to God’s creation both in human form and in the Earth community. Eco-justice asserts that it is not possible to care for the Earth without also caring for humanity and that seeking human justice must involve care for the environment. Therefore care for creation is part of our work for peace." "There are many challenging social concerns that we face today, but none more urgent than global climate change," said Sister Judy Morris, Justice Promoter for the Dominican Sisters of Peace.  "We must have the will as people of conscience to stand with all who seek to protect our land, air and water from those willing to risk human health, the health of our planet and further harm the poor of our world.  If we do not get this right all other social concerns will be moot. This is a pro-life issue that demands our full attention and action." The Sisters will continue to support federal and state environmental legislation that reduces carbon emissions, personally commit to actions that reduce our carbon footprint and collaborate with other organizations in addressing global climate change. The Dominican Sisters of Peace are a congregation of more than 500 Dominican Sisters and 500 Dominican Associates who live and minister in 36 States and in Honduras, Nigeria, and Peru. They are committed to greater involvement in the global community and simplicity of life, with diverse ministries that include education, health care, social work, spiritual direction, and parish-based ministries, among others. They work to create environments of peace by promoting non-violence, unity in diversity, reconciliation, and justice through solidarity, especially for women and children.

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