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Justice Begins in Community

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Dominicans in the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights Congress: Past, Present, and Future

"Community is a parable of communion," Fr. Bruno Cadore explained in Salamanca, Spain at the Dominicans in the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights Congress: Past, Present, and Future. As I continue to reflect on the time Sr. Mary Ann Connolly, OP, and I spent in Salamanca along with 200 Dominicans from 50 countries, I continually return to the idea of community and witness its importance daily. Fr. Bruno insisted that we must "develop friendship and community with those [we] are sent to preach the good news to." Through this we see that justice begins with, and is achieved through, community.

A Worldwide Community

The Congress in Salamanca aimed to bring together members of the Dominican family in collaboration and partnership. It is true that Dominicans have not always spoken with one voice, doing so would be difficult, if not impossible. Yet it is through our community and our desire to grow together that we achieve success. The Dominican community is  present in nearly all parts of the world, and as we continue to work together as a community, we can achieve oneness, wholeness, and work toward the global common good.

Moral Monday

On Monday, September 12, Sr. Gemma Doll, OP, and I attended a Silent March on what was deemed "Moral Monday." We joined individuals and faith leaders from across Ohio who gathered at the First Congregational Church and walked silently nearly three-quarters of a mile to the Ohio Statehouse. This Silent March, according to Moral Monday's Facebook page, "called on elected officials and candidates for office to advance a moral public policy agenda that responds to the urgent needs of the poor, people who are ill, children, immigrants, communities of color, and religious minorities." An urgency to advocate on behalf of the common good arose from the silence of this march. The presence of peace was evident, and the power of community shined through loud and clear. Standing in solidarity alongside individuals who were once strangers shows that we are always in community with our sisters, brothers, and Earth.

Are our communities speaking?

Communities, whether speaking loud or moving with silence, have the ability to advocate on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves and thus, bring about peace and justice for all. Are our communities speaking?

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