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Angels Watching Over Us

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Angels Watching Over Us

On October 2 Catholics usually celebrate the Memorial of our Guardian Angels, but this year landing on a Sunday, it almost slipped by unnoticed. But this morning I just happened to notice a bookmark I have propped up against a picture on my bookshelf; it reads "May angels watch over you." It's not every day that I think about that, but upon seeing it I recalled several instances when I knew I was being watched over and aided by angels in many disguises.

The Joys of Carry-on Luggage

angelAssociate Co-director Conni Dubick, OPA, and I recently flew to Memphis, TN, to visit the  Associates of the Dominican Sisters of Peace there and to celebrate the two year Commitment of three new Associates as well as the four year Renewal of several Associates' Commitments. As we were waiting in line for Group 5 to board our connecting flight in Chicago, I noticed a woman in Group 2 walk by with a suitcase identical to mine. I remember thinking, "Well, she's getting on now so there's hardly a chance for us to get them mixed up." I'm usually able to put my carry-on right above or across from where I sit, and I did so, then took my seat. When we landed in Memphis, someone opened the overhead compartment opposite me, and I spotted my carry-on. As I reached for it, a gentleman helped take it down for me (angel #1), and I was on my way. Arriving an hour later than scheduled, Conni and I checked into our hotel, left our suitcases in our room and hurried off to our meeting at St. Agnes Academy, chauffeured by Jim and Associate Betty Pate (angels #2 and 3). When the meeting was almost finished around 4pm, my cell phone rang. Glancing at it and not recognizing the number, I shut it off and we completed our meeting.

The Mix-up

As soon as the meeting ended, I found this phone message: "Hello Amy, my name is Alex, and I believe you have my suitcase, and I have yours. Please call me." It couldn't be! But how else would she have my cell phone number? Shocked that this could have really happened, I called and both of us were relieved to learn that we were only about an hour's drive away from each other, and that neither of us had flown on to New York or elsewhere. To make a long story short, through the kindness and generosity of Jim and Betty, as well as Alex's sister-in-law (angel #4), both Alex and I were very relieved and grateful as we met at a Mississippi Wendy’s on I-55 halfway between us and made our exchange. There was no doubt in my mind that angels were watching over us and aiding us on our way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And my heart is also filled with gratitude to the myriads of invisible and visible "guardians" God has sent and continues to send to help me along my way. Who are the "guardians" or "angels" in your life - both visible and invisible? And have you thanked them lately?

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