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Share Some Good News

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Intercultural Leadership in Today's World

I recently had the opportunity to hear Dr. Vanessa White at the Women of the Church Conference in Ferdinand, IN, speak on the topic of Intercultural Leadership in Today's World. She did more than speak however. She opened the session by asking us to share some good news with the other participants at our table. I found it amazing that in five minutes time with five people sharing, we began to form or deepen relationships. 

Trouble Doesn't Last Always

After we talked, Dr. White asked us, "why share good news?" Her response - good news is a unifier which reminds us of the human story. We often don't take the time to share our stories. In doing so, we are saying, "Trouble doesn't last always. Let me share my testimony with you." I personally often feel overwhelmed in life with all the negative talk or actions or violence, etc. So when Dr. White asked us to share some good news, I had to really stop and reflect on what I would share. I became aware of how I often spend more time thinking and talking about not-so-good news, rather than good news. [caption id="attachment_4016" align="alignleft" width="300"](3rd from right) Dr. Vanessa White, M.T.S., D.Min (third from right) Dr. Vanessa White, MTS, D.Min[/caption]

"Share Some Good News" Challenge

When I returned to my home community, I tried the idea at the lunch table. Share some good news. We all hesitated at first, but then several at the table shared some good news, including one person whose news began with a story which included some stress, but in the telling of the story had us all laughing. Not to sound like a Pollyanna, because I am keenly aware that there are times when we have to talk about the challenges, the injustices, the lack of compassion we may see or experience in our world, and also the actions we will take to share love in our world. But I will also be aware that sharing some good news can be a unifier for us in living the human experience.

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