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Sharing Our Peace

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Return to Peace

I have a bracelet with a dove charm that I wear daily. I like to think it reminds me of my passion for peace and dedication to social justice. If I'm being honest, it usually just ends up being an accessory that I don't pay much attention to. Last week, however, was different. On a day that I was feeling particularly discouraged and defeated, my bracelet kept getting caught in the threads of my sweater. Thinking of it as a nuisance, I made a mental note not to wear the bracelet when I wore this sweater again in the future. Yet after the 10th or 11th time of this little dove getting caught in my sweater, I realized perhaps this was a gentle reminder from God to return to peace in times of struggle and to keep peace at the forefront of my life and work.

Post Presidential Election Climate

A week after the eus-flaglection, there are still feelings of divisiveness running deep across our county. In a time when individuals virtually yell across social media platforms, and cities are loud with protests and noise, peace can act as our foundation to center us, calm us, and then fuel us. The Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates know that peace is a powerful, poetic, and prophetic way to transform society in a lasting way. What do we need to unite communities, inspire our prayer and meditation, support inclusiveness, respect diversity, welcome immigrants, stand in solidarity with the marginalized, reduce the impact of global climate change, and care for our common home? In a complex, yet simple way, we need peace. Peace is what we need to come together and to work for the well-being of all.

Commitment to Peace

As the Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates, peace is what we have. It is our commitment to peace that will keep us grounded, keep us focused, and keep us fueled to continue our work toward justice. Systemic change is slow in nature. Work to combat poverty, human trafficking, climate change, and work for immigration reform and peace and nonviolence takes time, perseverance, and commitment. Our work of the Gospel in the pursuit of peace does not end, and we must continue, with peace. In "Evangelii Gaudium: The Joy of the Gospel" Pope Francis says, "The Church can be a model of peace in our world," and "We can then join one another in taking up the duty of serving justice and peace." Peace can bring social conversion and overcome oppressive structures. For the well-being of all, let us share our peace!

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