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Ministering at the Dominican Learning Center

[caption id="attachment_1769" align="alignright" width="200"]Blog by Associate Mary Beth Auletto, OPA Blog by Associate Mary Beth Auletto, OPA[/caption] Introduction by Sr. Amy McFrederick: Our Dominican Associates are lay women and men who live and share the charism and spirituality of the worldwide Dominican Family in close relationship and in mission with the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Countless numbers of our Associates volunteer their time, talent and treasure to support and extend our outreach, congregational founded ministries, and mission projects. As we begin this Thanksgiving week, we are grateful for all the ways our Sisters and Associates work together to be, build and preach peace.  Associate Marybeth Auletto ministers at the Dominican Learning Center (DLC) in Columbus, Ohio. She reflects on her work there: When I became a Dominican Associate, I had little interest in becoming involved in any of the ministries; I had enough "irons in the fire" with my work and volunteering for my parish. As I came to know some of the Sisters who worked at the Dominican Learning Center, I realized there was an opportunity to live my Dominican charism of being peace. I have been a volunteer English tutor for about 15 months. My current student, Fos, is from Somalia; she has been in the United States for several years. While fluent in English, she wants to improve and go to college. What a joy she has been to work with! She has taught me a lot about her culture and her Islamic faith. I can now admit that it has helped me overcome some implicit biases I harbored. One of the things that touched me most was when Fos shared about their holiday, Eid al Adha. I realized our two religions have much in common, especially when it comes to charity. Awareness of The Dominican Learning Center's work empowered me to speak up when a fellow Catholic (who is a very nice person) made a comment about people not bothering to learn English - I shared that most immigrants do indeed want to learn but face many barriers. I also mentioned that the DLC has a waiting list and are always in need of tutors. I invited him, as I now invite you, to prayerfully consider volunteering for and/or financially supporting your local learning center, or another Dominican ministry that provides you an opportunity to work with those who are different in race, class, or country of origin. As Fos writes, "We recognize all blessings come from God and we should open our hearts and share with others."

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