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What are you passing to the next generation?

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From Generation to Generation

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the baptism of one of my great-nephews, Samuel. His parents, godparents, and big sister, Lucy, plus other family members and the parish community all applauded and sang as little Sam was presented to the community. In that moment I felt very grateful and proud, first of my nephew and his wife who are sharing their faith in the God of love with their children, and then of our Church community who for millennia has passed the belief in Jesus Christ from one generation to the next. We, as Church, struggle in each generation to live the Gospel, doing better at some points than others, but always ready to work through challenges and heartaches of the people in our families and in our world.

A New Member

dad-1716160_640Later this month, our congregation (the Dominican Sisters of Peace) will welcome a new member as a Candidate - Ellen Coates. She will live with our Sisters in New Haven, CT. It is always a new moment for all of us as someone joins us to see if this is the place where "her deep gladness meets the world's greatest needs" (F. Buechner) within our congregation. A new member invites us to become our best selves, to share the gifts we have received, and to listen and learn from the one who may ask us hard questions, like, do we practice what we preach?

eldstreet_praying1Time for Reflection

How has new life touched you most recently? What gifts and messages do you hope to share with future generations? With all the turmoil in our country today on one issue after another, what will be the gift we offer to those who follow us? Let us pray and act.

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