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I Believe…And So Can You

[caption id="attachment_1916" align="alignright" width="200"]Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA[/caption] Many years ago, when I was struggling with what my beliefs were, a spiritual director suggested that I sit down, put on some good music, and just write down what emerged to complete the refrain, "I believe…" In short, she encouraged me to write my own credo of beliefs. I've been searching the last few days for this credo and saddened that I can't "find these beliefs" to share with you from this time ago. Perhaps this "loss" offers a lesson in letting go to discover a new emergence where God can speak to me now. So, I offer this "in the moment" reflection of my beliefs, along with an invitation to you to take a few moments to write your own credo of beliefs.

I believe in the inherent goodness of humanity. I believe we are called to serve one another.

I believe in silence to connect with ourselves and with God. I believe peace is possible when we can let go of our differences.

I believe music can lift up and feed the soul and bring communities together. I believe in the creative abilities of human beings to envision and share a better world.

I believe faith is borne from trusting in God's providence. I believe that God can recreate in me a new heart, open to endless possibilities.

I believe that breakdowns can bring about breakthroughs. I believe that God's presence surrounds us and enfolds us in love.

I believe that cats are a woman's best friend.

Once you start this reflection, I think you will find a peace and calmness around your experience of writing your beliefs and that the writing process takes on a life-giving form of its own. If you believe that God may be calling you to religious life as a Sister, I invite you to contact one of our Vocation Ministers, who will be happy to discern this call with you.

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