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Stressed Much?

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Does the media and new administration stress you out?

Are you still stressing over the new government in America? How many emails, snail mails, Facebook posts have you received telling you, commanding you, to write your Congress people, local government leaders, neighbors and anyone else who make decisions, to end this craziness; to tell Washington you are tired of the lies and the lack of justice. How does this make you feel? There are not enough hours in the day, days in the week, etc. to deal with all of it, but you don't want anyone to think you do not care. You know these issues are critical and one silent voice is one too many, and on and on and on There are town hall meetings and open forums to attend. You want to use your voice in the best ways possible to achieve the greatest good.

Take a breath...

So, take a breath. Sit in a place you like where you feel comfortable. Close your eyes. Listen for as long as you want. Then, pray. You cannot do it all, but God can. Once you have rested - get back to the business of life, do your fact checking, return to being a well informed and responsible citizen, and know that God loves you and is always with you even in the midst of tweets and chats and posts, online and offline.

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