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Darkness Filled the Sky

[caption id="attachment_3695" align="alignright" width="194"]Sr. Pat Thomas, OP Blog by Sr. Pat Thomas, OP[/caption] So, where were you and what were you doing on Monday, August 21, from noon until around 3, depending on your time zone? Some people paid thousands of dollars to be in planes 35,000 feet in the air; some planned their whole vacation around it and went to  Oregon or Missouri or Kentucky or South Carolina and gave a great boost to the economies of some small rural towns most had  never heard of before; some paid hundreds of dollars for a pair of special glasses, and some, like me, paid $6.99 and prayed the glasses were the right kind; some climbed mountains or went to the deserts and prayed to the gods for protection as the sky darkened more and more, and some hid as the birds stopped singing and animals became a bit confused---was it night already? Yes, nature gave us quite a show (really awesome in “the path of totality”) and reminded us that we are such silly humans if we thought we could control all of creation. This was another reminder that we exist in nature, we do not own it. There have been total eclipses many times in history and salvation history, we just might not have been alive or in the right place to see them, but that does nothing to diminish the mystery of how it happens and why. A lot of us see nature, in all its forms, as one of God’s greatest mysteries. Many of us do try to harness her energy or divert her rivers for our own convenience, when will we ever learn….it just can’t be done. Most of us have been feeling overwhelmed by anger, sadness, frustration and disappointment over the events of the last few weeks, but Nature has given us something to revel in, to marvel in, and to be humbled by, all in of  about 2 minutes.

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