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Spread a Little Sunshine

[caption id="attachment_5478" align="alignright" width="203"] Blog by Associate Colette Parker[/caption] I have a confession to make: I watch reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show.” I am disclosing that because I woke up Sunday morning with an earworm (you know, when a song or tune gets stuck in your head and you can’t get it out). Well, the melody in my head was sung by Andy and Barney, characters on the situation comedy: “Spread a little sunshine every day. Spread a little sunshine every day. Help someone along life's way. Spread a little sunshine every day!” Crazy, right? I thought so at first. And then I tried to figure out why Andy and Barney kept singing in my head. I concluded that my earworm was triggered by all of the stories that have been shared over the past couple of months about people who have given of themselves to help others in devastating situations. I consider those people bright spots in darkness – people who spread a little sunshine to help others along life’s way. People like Victoria White, a university admissions counselor, who lifted the spirits of Hurricane Harvey evacuees at a Texas shelter by singing gospel music about hope and perseverance and who encouraged her fans to serve people impacted by the storm. People like Sister Margaret Ann, a Carmelite nun and 30-year education veteran, who used a chainsaw to clear branches from a fallen tree that blocked a road in Florida, after Hurricane Irma hit. She said she was following the example of what she teaches her students: "Do what you can to help." People like the random, unnamed guy who gave the shirt off his back to be used as a makeshift tourniquet on a teenage girl who was wounded in the mass shooting in Las Vegas. People like Lin-Manuel Miranda, a playwright and the creator of the hit musical “Hamilton,” who enlisted salsa legends and pop artists to collaborate on a benefit song for hurricane-battered Puerto Rico. Proceeds from the track -- “Almost Like Praying” -- will go toward the Hispanic Federation’s hurricane relief fund for Puerto Rico. During a television interview, Miranda said of the song title, “Thoughts and prayers are great, but thoughts and prayers are not enough.” My translation: Continue to keep those in need in your thoughts and prayers, but don’t stop there. Do Something! Give of yourself – your time, talent and/or treasure -- to spread a little sunshine everyday by helping someone along life’s way. In case you want to hear Andy and Barney:

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