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Signs of God’s Invitation to Pursue Religious Life

Blog by Sr. Mai Dung Nguyen

If one day, you are called to become a sister, what will you do? Deny, ignore, or pursue what you believe is a call. But first, how do you know God is calling you?

God’s invitations can come in many different ways. A call is unique for each person in each circumstance.  This invitation may start within you when:

  • a voice within you keeps calling you to be a sister.
  • you experience a hunger for intimacy with God.
  • an inspiring quote, a sister’s story, or the works of a religious community touches you deeply and leads you to consider becoming a sister.
  • you dream of working with the poor or working for justice and peace.
  • you experience something missing in your life and you want to work for something bigger than yourself.

In some cases, the invitation can be unexpected:

  • a thunderbolt hitting your ears when someone says: “Have you ever thought of becoming a sister?”
  • a joke you may really hate; “You act or look like a nun, why don’t you be one of them?”
  • a bet between you and someone encouraging you to contact a religious community.

God’s invitation can also seem confusing or unsettling. For example:

  • Your fiancé hands you a retreat registration; “I registered you for a retreat. You should explore your call before we get married.” Don’t feel resentful towards him.
  • You often don’t feel peaceful, but have a sense of emptiness while dating, or even one or two weeks before getting married. Pay attention to that sign.

Remember “For humans, it is impossible; but for God, all is possible.” (Matthew 19:26).

As I mentioned, this invitation may scare you, making you resist, even deny it. Not everyone is called by God to become a sister, but why not at least explore the possibility? So, if you are experiencing a call or a nudge from God, contact us ( We will walk with you to help you discover what God is calling you to . . . and we promise, no strings attached.

If you’re ready to take the next step to explore your call and our community, we invite you to contact us.

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