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The Earthy Home of Jesus

[caption id="attachment_5607" align="alignright" width="256"] Blog by Sr. Mai Dung Nguyen[/caption] This year, we experienced historical natural disasters: hurricanes causing many people to die or relocate; earthquakes in Mexico and at the border region between Iran and Iraq killing hundreds of people and destroying houses; and the giant wild fires in California adding to another level of suffering for all of God’s creatures. In addition, these climate change issues forced many people to become homeless involuntarily or to live under the poverty level. We used to think baby Jesus stayed in a cave as the result of superstitious beliefs. However, with what has happened this year because of the climate change issues, I realize that being born and staying in a cave, Jesus claimed the earth, our planet, as his FIRST HOME.  Yet, this first home suffered greatly, resulting in the homelessness and poverty of Jesus’ family. Promoting the dignity of the earth and working for a healthy environment are ways of promoting, justice, peace, and the quality of life.  We must listen to how the earth is calling us to live and practice what the earth teaches us about changing our way of living so we can prepare a “home” for Jesus. Our community of Dominican Sisters of Peace strives to make the world a place that is more welcoming, more respectful and sustainable for our planet, less violent and less consuming of Earth’s resources. We serve God in many ways including spiritual direction, justice promotion, education, healthcare, and care for creation. We live a life of peace-making wherever we are and in whatever we do. If you feel called to live a life of praising and serving God in a wide spectrum of ministries, or if you know someone who wants to live our life as a religious Sister, please contact us We also have “Come and See” weekend on March 9-11, 2018 in Columbus, OH.  We can listen and walk with you as you discern the movement of God's Spirit within you.  

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