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Dominican Month for Peace: Being Peace with our Dominican Family

[caption id="attachment_5169" align="alignright" width="300"] Blog by Justice Promoter Kelly Litt[/caption] In the United States, we like to recognize days, weeks, and months for both important observances such as the Poverty Awareness Month in January and Earth Day in April and silly promotions like National Doughnut Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day (yes, these are actually recognized and come complete with fun-facts and how-to-celebrate guides). As much as I enjoy National Doughnut Day (because you can typically find many places that give away free doughnuts), I was even more excited when Fr. Bruno Cadore, the Master of the Dominican Order, named December the Dominican Month for Peace. Each year will focus on a different country, and the Dominican Order is encouraged to get involved through prayer and preaching to promote peace and unity. This year the country of focus is Colombia. In a world where National Doughnut Day goes viral, yet days honoring those who have worked to change systems and overcome injustices are barely mentioned, it’s hopeful to join part of a larger movement within the entire Order to practice peace, pray about peace, and preach peace through our words and actions. It is more than obvious that our communities need peace. Let us continue working toward peace in our country and also pray and advocate for peace in Colombia (read more about Colombia in Sr. Barb Kane’s recent blog here). As the Order of Preachers, how critical, how appropriate, how truth-filled is a month of peace for our world today! As the Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates, we commit to living and promoting peace-filled lives, and now we can continue to preach peace alongside the rest of the Dominican Order, prayerfully, thoughtfully, and intentionally throughout the month of December.

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