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Let’s Work Together

[caption id="attachment_1644" align="alignright" width="150"] Blog by Sr. Barbara Kane, OP[/caption]

I was watching a program where six women were interviewed about the Women’s March.  The Pro Life women complained bitterly about not being allowed to participate in the march.  “That’s right,” declared the Pro Choice Progressive Party representative.  “You’re different from us and not invited to our march.” How sad. When there are so many issues facing all women today, regardless of their position on abortion, their political affiliation, their race, culture, or religion, why, oh why, are we fighting each other instead of banding together?

I grew up during the 60’s and 70’s when women began to assert their independence.  Did we work together to break the stereotypes of women’s lives and professions? No.  Working women criticized stay-at-home Moms. Stay-at-home moms criticized working women.  Really?  This rivalry has been present forever, keeping us apart rather than bringing us with our power, intelligence, and industriousness together.  I always believed that the Women’s Movement was about allowing all women (and men) to set their own unique courses for life and knowing that other women would support them.

What if Sarah and Hagar had raised their sons together? Would we have the strife between the monotheistic religions we are experiencing today?  Or what if Madame Defarge had joined forces with Queen Marie Antoinette to solve the hunger issues of the people?  Maybe the French Revolution would have been avoided. (Unfortunately, we wouldn’t have had the Tale of Two Cities, either!)

Back to the ProChoice/ProLife conflict.  It is a definite and serious issue. But couldn’t we take some time to set aside our differences and work together to help women, especially very young women, to avoid pregnancy?  And couldn’t we work together to make the lives of all children more healthy and safe? There are education, health, housing, and environmental issues that need work. Instead of speaking ill of each other, let us march together for the rights and dignity of all.

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