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Cultivate the Pearls Given to Us by Our Mothers

[caption id="attachment_5478" align="alignright" width="203"] Blog by Associate Colette Parker[/caption] I was recently watching an interview with Denzel Hayes Washington Jr., as he called himself. The interviewer recited a list of awards he had received and asked: “What’s left for Denzel Washington?” Denzel, as we call him, said “Man gives the award. God gives the reward. That’s what my mother raised me on. So, I like awards. We all wanna be loved! You know, you work hard and you want people to appreciate what you do. But that’s not what I live for.” Kudos to Denzel’s mom for her words of wisdom. A week later, those words still reverberate in my mind and heart and cause me to reflect on the pearls of wisdom that my own mother shared with me. With Mother’s Day coming on Sunday, perhaps this is a fitting time for all of us to reflect on the lessons that we learned from our Mothers. Here are a few of my mother’s gems (some of which I’m sure you’ve heard before): Treat others the way you want to be treated. Never lose sight of who you are. Be true to yourself. Never change who you are for someone else. Learn to say no. You can’t do everything. Have faith in God and trust yourself to do what is right. You don’t have to look up to anyone, but never look down on anyone. People who seem to be the least lovable, need love the most. Listen (and think) before you speak. Be the best that you can be. There are certainly many more and I hope, by now, some that were passed on to you by your mother have come to mind (Always wear clean underwear. Learn to laugh at yourself. Be grateful for what you have. Never eat yellow snow. Mind your manners, etc.). This will be my third Mother’s Day without the physical presence of my Mother. But the things she instilled in me will remain with me forever and live on through my daughter (as I strive to pass on the wisdom). If you are blessed to still have your Mother with you, take the time to show her love each day. If, like me, you can no longer pick up the phone to call her or feel the warmth and comfort of her embrace, know that she lives on through you. You are her legacy. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the strong women who have made us who we are.

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