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[caption id="attachment_3614" align="alignright" width="200"] Blog by Sr. Pat Connick, OP[/caption] I know it’s been over a week, and a lot has happened since, but, this past Memorial Day 2018 we recalled all those who have sacrificed their lives for our national freedom.  Perhaps then TODAY is a great day to recall again how our own lives are built on the sacrifices of others and how our own sacrifices lead to the common good.  We are more than a group of individuals who live, work, and play side-by-side. We are a community of human beings whose journeys are intertwined.  We rise and fall on the success and failures of others.  We are INTERDEPENDENT, not just independent. We are MORE than the sum of our parts.  Sure, we can accomplish great things as individuals.  When we engage our whole being: body, mind and soul, there is little outside our grasp as persons. Yet, how do we engage our entire self?  By the encouragement and inspiration of others.  Literally they give us heart and spirit!  Even when we think we’re working alone, we’re not! Today, and every day, may we acknowledge and embrace the intentional engagement of our synergy, so we can realize even more significant things TOGETHER.  And perhaps our instinct for this human togetherness will eventually remind of the UNITY of our God in the Trinity.  On that day, we will truly become more fully CORPUS CHRISTI!  Happy Feasts! “The more we get together, together, together, the more we do together, the happier we’ll be. ‘Cause your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends, the more we do together, the happier we’ll be.”

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