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Poetry as Prayer

Have you ever written a prayer poem to God?

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In my teens and young adult years, I found writing poetry to be an effective way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. Words that I found difficult to express aloud flowed easily and freely when pen and paper were my writing tools. Now, my medium for writing and expressing myself is through these once-a-month blogs, using a wordprocessing software program instead to capture my thoughts, and sometimes applying graphics to spruce up a piece.

I think the need to express oneself is important to our well-being and to our soul. We may find that writing or music, art, dancing, acting, or engaging in a hobby empowers us to express who we are. Writing in a journal or writing in a quiet place, for example, are ways that can help us hear and discern how God is speaking to us.

Sometimes we can have a profound experience with God when we engage in the expressive arts. As I look back on my early years of poetry writing, I can see that God was present in these moments when I was searching and discovering what life was about.

At various times throughout my life, poetry served as a form of prayer for me. Poetry became a way to connect with the divine spirit in me and for God to speak to me. One such poem, entitled “Let Me Be With You” that emerged where I believe God was speaking to me is shared below with the hope that perhaps its message enfolds you in God’s caressing care.

Let me fill your emptiness. Let me heal your brokenness. Let me nourish you and console you. Let me speak to your heart and give you peace. You need not always search deeply for me. Sometimes I am a quiet whisper. Sometimes I am a gentle breeze upon your cheek. Sometimes I am in the silence or in the thunder.

But always I am with you and for you.

Come to me and let me love you. Come to me and rest from your busyness. Come to me and just be So I can embrace you in my endless love.

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