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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
Blog by Sr. Pat Thomas, OP

How often have you said to someone or has someone said to you: “I cannot thank you enough”? Why not? What’s stopping you? Usually we say it when someone has gone above and beyond in doing us a favor or a donation. So our humble thanks seems lacking somehow but we say thank you anyway.

But who are the people in your neck of the woods who need to hear thank you again and again and again for the simplest of reasons? I am thinking of our garbage collectors…does anyone ever just say thank you for doing a job that needs to be done? How about the people who clean up the highways, those folks out there with garbage bags and picks picking up our trash…I know some times they are inmates from the local hoosegow but does that make them less useful?

What our police and fire personnel? Teachers? Mail carriers? The grocery baggers at the store---I know that at Kroger’s in Gahanna they usually want to take your cart out for you and load your cars if you wish; don’t think they get extra pay for this but how about “I can’t thank you enough”s?

Of course, all of these thoughts are surrounding Thanksgiving Day, but “thank you” never takes a holiday!

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