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[caption id="attachment_4675" align="alignright" width="200"] Blog by Sr. Beata Tiboldi[/caption] Has anyone said to you? “Wait!” Ironically, in the business world, holidays are rushed. We see holiday items in the stores two months before the actual holiday. Two weeks before the holiday, the items start to go on sale, and the day after the holiday, they need to be marked down because they are considered outdated. In my daily life, at times, I catch myself rushing internally. Wait, what does that mean? I would catch myself rushing internally when I wished for a traffic light to change to green, or when I am in the doctors office, I like to be called in on time instead of waiting. Both are out of my control, and I just have to go with the flow. As a discerner, I think waiting was one of the hardest tasks because my heart was on fire and my heart kept asking: “Are we there yet?” During this “waiting time,” I had the opportunity to explore and take the necessary “steps” of growing through prayer and reflection, processing what I was experiencing, becoming part of the community, and gaining a deeper sense of mission and ministry. Waiting has its value of having time to evolve and to process.  While “advent” means “coming,” many people think of Advent as a season of waiting - waiting for Jesus’ second coming. We don’t just wait. We await Jesus’ second coming by preparing the way of the Lord. How do you await in hope? While you await, we invite you to pray Jan Richardson’s blessings with us for those in need. Blessing for Waiting Who wait for the night to end bless them. Who wait for the night to begin bless them. Who wait in the hospital room who wait in the cell who wait, in prayer, bless them. Who wait for news who wait for the phone call who wait for a word who wait for a job, a house, a child bless them. Who wait for one who will come home who wait for one who will not come home bless them. Who wait with fear who wait with joy who wait with peace who wait with rage who wait for the end who wait for the beginning who wait alone who wait together bless them. Who wait without knowing what they wait for or why bless them. Who wait when they should not wait who wait when they should be in motion who wait when they need to rise who wait when they need to set out bless them. Who wait for the end of waiting who wait for the fullness of time who wait emptied and open and ready who wait for you, o bless.

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