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[caption id="attachment_1849" align="alignright" width="200"] By Associate Jackie Paluszak, OPA[/caption] You’ve seen them. They’re on the street corner when you drive by on your way to the grocery. You look on in disgust. How could they be living like this? How would you feel if people were judging someone in your family this way?  It happens every day, my friends. Women, children, convinced that their lives could be better. She’s in high school. She’s not the real pretty, popular cheerleader. She’s kind. She’s sweet. She’s ordinary. And he catches her eye. In the middle of the mall he tantalizes her. He tells her she’s pretty. He flatters her, certainly more than the boys in her class. The twinkle in his eyes makes her feel special. He asks if she’ll be at the mall again tomorrow. And so it starts. The stalking. The dance. She rushes to the mall after school. He’s there waiting. The adrenaline rush is more than she can handle. She runs to him. He takes her shopping. They pick up a few pretty thing and she’s enamored! He asks her if she’s hungry. Of course!  He takes her to a nice place to eat. They actually sit down and are waited on. The guys in high school don’t take her to places like this. He starts talking strange things. She’s not understanding. He gives her some pills. He says these will help her understand. She takes them gladly. She wants to please this man. This is how it starts. A young, vulnerable girl looking to be loved and this pervert plans to fill that position. She’s feeling funny. Things aren’t real clear. Her head seems foggy. He offers to take her home with him. She’s hooked. It’s done. He’s accomplished what he set out to do. Another girl for his stable. She’s a prime catch. Just fifteen!  They’ll pay prime for her.

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