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Time for a Change?

Blog by Associate Karen Martens

We all have to make decisions about how to use our time and talents. There are so many options. After retirement about 15 years ago, I made a decision to volunteer my time in activities related to the areas of justice and/or the environment. When I joined the Eco-Justice Committee, I met both objectives. While I have enjoyed being on the committee for six years and as chairperson this past year, I can no longer be a part of the committee. I am hoping you will prayerfully consider joining this committee. New members are needed,

The committee is made up of both Sister and Associate members and advocates and “supports just policies and decisions to reduce the impact of global climate change and promote integral ecology and care of creation.” As such, much of our efforts have been to education Sisters and Associates about eco-justice issues. A side benefit is that committee members also learn new things. Additionally, the committee supports the Leadership Team and Motherhouse Green Teams as needed. We write a monthly blog on a topic related to eco-justice. We seek to help the congregation strengthen its commitments to the challenges set for by Pope Francis in Laudato Si and the recent Laudate Deum.

A new year is here. Is it time for you to review choices about what you want to do with your time and talent?

  • Are you concerned about the environment?
  • Do you find God in nature?
  • Are you interested in helping people in the congregation learn more about what each of us can contribute to slowing climate change?
  • Do you enjoy fellowship with wonderful Sisters and Associates?

If you responded positively to any of these questions, you would be a great committee member. Devoting a small amount of time will help the committee do its work. The committee is switching from a monthly meeting to an every other month meeting. Meetings last about one hour and are conducted on Zoom. The next meeting is March 11 so you have a little time to pray on this decision. Please try it out. We need YOU!

6 thoughts on “Time for a Change?

  1. Thank you for your article Karen. I liked what you had to say and I would like to know the name of a person on the eco-justice committee I might contact. Thanks.

  2. Thank you, Karen Martens OPA, for all your years serving on this committee and as Chairperson. I have appreciated all the reminders and information.

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