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An Adventurous Life

Blog by Sr. Annette Lucero, OP

Adventure is the theme that describes how my life has been shaped for the past two years since I left parish ministry in New Mexico and moved to Ohio for a sabbatical, then eventually relocated to New Haven, Connecticut. Throughout these adventures, I have found that by being open to whatever unfolds in me and around me that God can do amazing things! My current adventure is vocation ministry, where I have opportunities to engage with discerners, who are on an adventure themselves to discovering how God is calling them to live out their baptismal call. As I’ve transitioned from one adventure to the next, I have grown in my faith and trust that God has been ever present to me, nudging me along to explore new possibilities.

Being open to adventures started with my entering religious life in the early 1980s. I often wonder what God has in store for me, and yet, if I but have faith and trust that God truly is in charge, new adventures seem less overwhelming. Of course, I have also had my fair share of doubts along the way, wondering if God really knew what God was doing as I embraced and travelled the road of any new adventure. The result of embracing a new adventure has often worked out in unexpected ways, enriching my life for the better.

Adventures teach us to take risks, to try new approaches, to be open to new ideas. Every day of our lives is an adventure, where God graces us with unconditional love and walks with us. What amazing gifts we receive along the way when we embark on new adventures!

So, what will be your next adventure? Come and See….

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7 thoughts on “An Adventurous Life

  1. Wonderful article. Thanks Annette. I am your sister in Dominican adventures and ready to welcome others to join us!

  2. What an adventure you have been on it has been a pleasure and a grace filled time in my life to have been with you during many of your adventures. Continue to enjoy what God is asking of you.


  3. Thank you for affirming that you also wondered if God knew what God was doing. That is my frequent prayer as well. “God, I hope you know what we are doing here!” I am so thankful for you and your ministry.

  4. Very nicely written. I really enjoyed reading it and how you didn’t sugar coat the challenges of journeying with God.

  5. Annette, thank you for this blog. So true that our lives as vowed religious is a life giving adventure! An adventure that allows us to mutually share with others the Gospel message of love and peace.

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