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Moving Forward to Share the Gift of Clean Water

Blog by Sr. Judy Morris

As we celebrate World Water Day –2024, we quickly become aware of the critical challenges of global climate change and the scarcity of clean water around the world. The U N informs us that 2.2 billion people are living without safe water. An estimated 71% of Earth’s surface is covered with water, but that does not mean that clean water is readily available to those who need it. Water security and pollution continue to threaten the lives of millions of people. The Council on Foreign Relations expresses the urgency of climate change and its effect on water: “Climate change will likely exacerbate water stress worldwide, as rising temperatures lead to more extreme weather events including floods and droughts.”

Water By Women celebrates water and inspires action to tackle the global water crisis. Water By Women continues to raise awareness of the need for clean drinking water for millions of people around the world. Individuals and organizations are invited to come forward and be part of the solution in providing clean drinking water. As a nondenominational organization we have partnered with many religious congregations , schools, civic organizations and women’s clubs in an effort to save lives.

Water By Women gives credit where credit is due to women around the world who do the work of gathering water, using life-saving water filters and sharing the water filters with three other families. Since 2008, nearly 200,000 Water Women have been trained in the use of water filters. Very often these Water Women are working in areas of poor infrastructure or near areas where gangs are a threat to safety.

World Water Day provides an opportunity for all of us to become better informed on the issue of climate change and the need for safe water for millions. It is also an opportunity to commit or recommit to conserving water.

By standing with the Water Women of the world we further the goal of providing safe water for the poorest among us.

6 thoughts on “Moving Forward to Share the Gift of Clean Water

  1. Good reflection, Judy, both about the need for clean water and the good work done by women! It helps make us more conscious that we still have work to do. Thanks!

  2. Judy,
    First of all, I really like the LOGO at the top of this page for the International Ministry for Water by Women. Your facts and information are helpful as to this necessary ministry. God bless your strong efforts.

  3. Judy,
    I love the sound of this organization and because of your inspiring and educational words has caused me to make a donation to this organization.
    Thank you,

  4. Judy, I’ve been reading about more situations where water is scarce or unsafe to drink. The places surprised me in their location. Thanks for this reminder about its preciousness . Happy Holy Week.
    Ellen Dunn

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