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Reflection on John 8:51-59

I tell you the truth, if anyone keeps my word, they will never see death.

Reflection by Sr. Joan Franklin, OP

Remember Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd?  At the end of their cartoons, they said, TH-TH-Th-Thyats all folks.  They were wrong – this life isn’t all folks!  There is so much more.  We don’t face a hopeless end; we face an endless hope.

Everyone longs to love and be loved and to feel worthwhile.  We want our lives to matter.  They will but only strive to make the lives of others better.  Bring dignity to others, speaking out for the hopeless, offering healing love to the hurting.

Never lose your ability to scatter kindness.  tuck some in the pocket of the stranger next to you in the grocery store.  Sprinkle it on the head of the elderly lady crossing the street ahead of you.  Ask Jesus to help you express his love to others.

In today’s Gospel, the Jews could not understand how Jesus could claim that Abraham saw him.  Jesus was only thirty years-old, and Abraham lived and died centuries earlier.  Jesus responded, “Before Abraham was, I AM’.

Jesus promises Eternal life to all those who keep his word.

This is Holy Week.  May you fully participate in the Holy Tridium and have a joyous Easter.

8 thoughts on “Reflection on John 8:51-59

  1. Joan,
    I really appreciated your article in today’s oppeace I hope you’re well and happy. We miss seeing you on a regular basis but we think of you often Tom W.

  2. Wonderful memories of our yournger “cartoon days” Joan. Great reflection and so much to think about. Many thanks – keep them coming!

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