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Columbus Sisters Welcome Associate Discerners

Three Candidates for the Associate Program (Happiness Mapira, Vicki Steele and Mark Hanes) gathered with Associates (Amy Thomas, OPA and Christie Flood Weiner, OPA), group leaders (Sr. JoAnn Hohenbrink, OP and John Mascazine, OPA), Retreat leader, Sr. Therese Leckert, OP and former ODU Director of the Office of Dominican Studies, Sr. Diane Traffas, OP during the Discernment Retreat for the Associate Candidates. 

The retreat took place on  April 20, 2024 at the Dominican Sisters of Peace Motherhouse.  The theme for the retreat was Hope and Discernment and participants spent time in prayer, reflection and sharing as they probed the meaning of hope in their lives and the call to become Associates of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

First row:  Happiness Mapira, Sr. Therese Leckert, Sr. Diane Traffas
Second row:  Mark Hanes, Vicki Steele, Amy Thomas, Christi Flood Weiner, John Mascazine and Sr. JoAnn Hohenbrink.

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