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Stories Old and New

I woke up this morning and realized I was back in Akron, Ohio. The more than I00 Sisters and Associates I was with in Columbus, OH, have left the area.

I sat in my chair and began to think about all I had encountered this past weekend. I started to smile, and then I thanked God for all who attended the Dominican Sisters of Peace Community Days at the Renaissance Hotel, in the Motherhouses, or in individual homes.

Blog by Director of Associates Cecelia Amendolia, OPA

I thought about the interaction at our tables and all that took place. Being the Director of the Associates affords me many opportunities to look back at the past and be a part of the present and future of the Dominican Sisters and Associates of Peace.

To the Associates who were able to participate in person and the Zoom meeting on Saturday, I am tremendously excited at the turnout and about all that we talked about. For those of you who could not attend or who had to cancel at the last minute, we missed you.

One of the things we Sisters and Associates engaged in throughout the weekend was the telling of our stories. It is always a great experience to share our stories.  Each of us holds a tremendous amount of experience, and it is important to share it with each other. Of course, just being present to each other is its own story as well.

Each time we came together for meals, meetings, or fellowship, we told our stories. We told them in our prayers, the songs we sang, and, of course, in our discussion and reflection.

Each time one of us started a story, it spurred another to share their story - and each built on the other.

The Sisters and Associates who shared their stories on stage moved us to laughter and tears. They reminded us of our own journey and the journeys still yet to come.

We experienced the new stories unfolding in the lives and ministries of our younger Sisters, and our Associates who just made their First Commitment. We witnessed the celebration of Sisters who mark Jubilees from 25 years to 75 years. Oh, what stories they could tell!

We celebrated the Sisters and Associates who have gone home to God. Many memories were shared.

We talked about the year 2024 being our 15th Year as Peace, and what it has been - for me and many others have been on this journey.

I draw tremendous excitement from large groups of people. Time with people who share my dedication to our charism is truly fulfilling.

We Associates are discussing our future just as the Sisters discuss theirs. We will collectively benefit from each other’s journey into our future.

This time in our Congregation's history is, in many ways, difficult - but it is also enriching. We have done great things these past 15 years. The Associates of the Dominican Sisters of Peace are moving forward, looking at new ways to continue our cooperative mission.

The Associate meeting on Saturday was recorded so that we can share its content with all Associates. I also encourage each Associate to read OPPeace and watch the webcast as we continue to share our plans.

I also urge Associates to stay connected to our Direction Statements. Focus on the words of each statement. Utilize them in your monthly gatherings. Hold on to the stories you heard this past weekend.

I thank all who were involved in putting this gathering together. Let us continue to Sing, Praise, Preach, and have fun as we move forward together. Our new stories unfold today.

4 thoughts on “Stories Old and New

  1. Thank you, Ceil! I really missed being there and look forward to watching the video. Thanks to all of you Associates who were able to be there and represent us all!

  2. Thank you for these words, Ceil. I totally agree with each of them. I’m hanging on and moving forward…

  3. Thank you, Ceil, for your summary and blessings on all our Associates and for those who were at the Assembly as you shared your services. Every day we are on Mission and Ministry. Peace.

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