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National Eucharistic Pilgrims Stop at St. Catharine Motherhouse

The St. Catharine Motherhouse was part of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage passing through the Archdiocese of Louisville July 4-9, 2024.  The group of permanent pilgrims, around 12-15, walked from Brownsville, TX, and are on their way up to the gathering point in Indianapolis via the southern route named in honor of St. Juan Diego.  There are also north, west, and east routes.  The Juan Diego Route pilgrims passed through the Kentucky Holy Land.  After initially spending time in New Haven, KY, the pilgrims visited the Dominican Sisters of Peace Motherhouse in St. Catharine’s KY on Saturday, July 6.  Sr. Mary Louise Edwards gave a historical tour explaining the Dominicans’ part in the formation of the Kentucky Holy Land and beyond.  The Knights of Columbus assisted with meals for the permanent pilgrims along the route in Kentucky and other places.  The permanent pilgrims ate in our formal dining room downstairs in the motherhouse.  After lunch, the group led a two-mile procession with the Eucharist to St. Rose Church consisting of about 150 additional adults and children from local parishes ending with Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation, Mass, and dinner. 

The sisters welcomed the large crowd starting at about 9 a.m.  Tim Tomes, the Archivist for the Archdiocese of Louisville and the local organizer for the pilgrimage, and Sr. Pat Connick, Coordinator for the KY Motherhouse extended official greetings.  The crowd was encouraged to enjoy the grounds, visit in the parlors downstairs and Fern Hall upstairs with the sisters, and pray in Magdalen Chapel.  They especially enjoyed the grotto, the comfortable seats for resting before the procession, and extra time for quiet in the chapel.  Around lunchtime, the group went into Springfield for a quick lunch and then reassembled around 12:15 p.m. for the 12:30 p.m. departure to St. Rose Church.  Just before they left Tim Tomes asked Sr. Pat to speak again immediately before the pilgrimage.  She asked them on their pilgrimage to remember two things.  First to remember those who walked from Maryland 200 years ago through the Cumberland Gap to settle here, bringing Catholicism to this area of the country.  Second, to ask at this time in the history of our nation and of our Church to ask yourself, what is God calling you to do in our own age to live faithfully and in imitation of Jesus.

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Scenes from the Eucharistic Pilgrimage stop at St. Catharine, KY, the original home of Dominican Sisters in the US.

2 thoughts on “National Eucharistic Pilgrims Stop at St. Catharine Motherhouse

  1. So glad St. Catharine’s was a stop on the journey and not passed by… thanks to those who provided a welcoming presence and participated.

  2. Our Lord was certainly pleased with the hospitality of our Kentucky Dominicans and no doubt He has left a tremendous blessing for all of us. I’m happy we have had a part in the Eucharistic Pilgrimage.

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