Where is Home?

Catherine Arnold, OP
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I realize writing a blog is about sharing something of importance in the life of the writer, and it’s also about getting folks to read and stay on your website. But today I am breaking the rules of blogging by sending you to the Christian Peacemaker Teams’ website to read a blog from one of their members who recently spent time in Iraqi Kurdistan. With our own Dominican Sisters and Brothers suffering from similar circumstances in Iraq, we are called to remain mindful of the harsh realities others in our world are facing, and to pray and act on their behalf.

As an aside: Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) work to build partnerships to transform violence and oppression by literally standing with people who live in violent and volatile places in different parts of the world. The CPTers, as they are sometimes called, commit to practicing nonviolent methods as they support those in danger of losing their lives or their lands. They were organized following the 1984 Mennonite World Conference.

Present with Indigenous Communities, and in Columbia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Palestine, Africa Great Lakes and Borderlands, they are committed to work and to build relationships that honor and reflect the presence of faith and spirituality, strengthen grassroots initiatives, transform structures of domination and oppression, and embody creative non-violence and liberating love. One of our own faculty members at Ohio Dominican University, Dr. Julie Hart, and her husband, Phil, stand in solidarity each summer with the people in Columbia.

The CPTers’ blog includes a deeply moving poem, “Home,” written by Warsan Shire (born 1988), a Somali-British writer, poet, editor and teacher. (Read the blog).

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