It Takes a Village

Blog by Sr. Judy Morris, OP
Blog by Sr. Judy Morris, OP

As I end my seven years as Justice Promoter on Wednesday, I have thought of the African proverb, “It Takes A Village to Raise a Child” and substituted, to bring peace, alleviate poverty, address global climate change, etc.  While one person can make a difference, many persons coming together can bring about positive change.

Comedian Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of life is showing up.”  I am very grateful to the countless Sisters and Associates who showed up during the last seven years.    You have addressed social justice issues of concern – human trafficking, immigration reform, environmental degradation, peace.  Sisters and Associates serving on four justice committees and countless others have worked tirelessly in raising awareness of vital legislation, making phone calls, meeting with representatives, attending rallies, and providing resource lists on peace, Islam and “Going Green.”

Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates traveled to the School of the Americas in Columbus, Georgia, year after year, and to New York and other cities for the global climate change demonstration.  You were there for countless other rallies.

On a regional and national level, our voices were heard when Sisters and Associates visited hotels prior to major sporting events, distributing information on human trafficking and bars of soap with an emergency phone number.  We continue to serve on the board of U.S. Sisters Against Human Trafficking.

Thanks to several Sisters and Associates initiating requests for corporate stances, the Corporate Stance Committee and all who voted, the media knows where we stand on gun control, immigration reform, human trafficking and global climate change.

Thanks to the support of Motherhouse Coordinators, Health Care Coordinators, colleges, high schools and environmental centers, visitors on our properties are aware that weapons are not permitted in our buildings.

Many of you continue to respond to action alerts on a variety of issues.  This can and often does make a difference in how a legislator votes.

The list is endless so, I just want to say, “thank you, village!”

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17 responses to “It Takes a Village

  1. Judy, it will take a village to adequately express our thanks for all that you have contributed to our work for justice and peace. Our village has done great work because of your leadership. Thank you so much.

  2. Well said Sr. Judy, Gracias for your hospitable stance to
    extend an opening to invite many to the table of solidarity,
    substance, and faithful stance to be peace through our presence.

    Bendiciones hermana,

  3. Perhaps you’ll feel such as if when you just graduated from high school…the future before you …Blessed…Blessed…Soooo much work you did! Thank you!

  4. Thanks, Judy! I have appreciated all your blogs and calls for action re peace and justice. Your presence as our promoter will be greatly missed. And do train well your replacement!

  5. Judy:
    I deeply appreciate your knowledgeable, inspiring, insightful, tireless and challenging leadership over the years.
    You have raised the consciousness of our village about issues of justice and peace, and motivated us to work on them. You will be missed.
    Many blessings as your journey continues.

  6. Just want to add my voice to the chorus of appreciation for all your many and varied efforts, and for the privilege of joining you in a few of them. Thanx, and enjoy the next……

  7. And thanks to you, too, Judy, for reminding us of our obligation to make our voices heard on behalf of all those with whom we share this earth. Blessings as you take the next step on your life’s journey.

  8. Judy, what a gift you are to all of us for the countless ways you have helped us work for peace over the past seven years. I always appreciated how succinctly you gave us the needed info in dealing with some very difficult issues. Peace!

  9. Thank you for your faithful, gentle persuasion and for your clear, concise presentation of the facts. You have provided a solid foundation for us to continue building peace and justice.

    Agnes Gott,O.P.

  10. So many times you have been the spark to light our justice efforts. I am so grateful.
    Blessings on whatever comes next.

  11. Judy,
    I always enjoyed the clear way you presented facts and figures about each issue around Peace and Justice. You helped me be less fearful to speak my truth and pass on to the world where WE–I stand. Judy you helped not only our Community but me to have courage and risk. Thank you.

  12. Thank you, Judy for the many ways you kept us focused on these important issues of our day. God bless you abundantly!


  13. Thank you, Judy! You have been a great “conductor” for our village “orchestra”! Enjoy the next phase of the journey!

  14. You name it so well! thank you for your many years of hope-filled service to the congregation and for bringing forward the voice of justice in the silence,

  15. Thank you, Judy for your faithful loving service to justice and peace. Reflecting on your many blogs has opened my mind and heart to whatever action I can do.

    Blessings and deep peace,

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