What are your resolutions?

I Plan to Give Up Fear

Blog by Sr. Barbara Kane, OP
Blog by Sr. Barbara Kane, OP

It’s the beginning of a new year and a chance to make new New Year’s resolutions. I always like to look over the past year and see how I might do things differently. Of course, I need to eat fewer calories and walk more steps… spend less time watching NCIS (or Pure Genius, Code Black, etc!) and more time learning Spanish.

But as I looked over last year and especially the election events, there seemed to be a super abundance of fear in my life and in the country. That fear will roll over to this new year so I’ve decided to do something about it. I plan to give up fear. As a six on the Enneagram scale, this will be a big challenge, but well worth the effort if I succeed.


  • I will stop being afraid to speak out when someone is called a derogatory name and preach God’s revelation of the dignity of all peoples.
  • I will not be afraid to really listen to my friends and relatives who voted and/or think differently from me. Maybe if we can listen to each other, we can reconcile or maybe, just accept, our differences and move forward together.
  • I will stop being afraid to protest for an end to gun violence and for universal background checks. I’ll stop being afraid to believe that black, brown, yellow, and white lives matter and work to promote justice and transform oppressive systems.
  • I will stop being afraid of someone who has a different race, sexual orientation, nationality or religion and welcome them to join me in building a peaceful world.
  • I will stop being afraid to model sound ecological principles and reduce my impact on the climate.

So fear, or rather elimination of it, is my big resolution for this coming year. What are your fears? Will you join me in refusing to be afraid?

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8 responses to “What are your resolutions?

  1. Thank you, Barb, you have made insightful suggestions, and they are a challenge to our courage and inclination to be hang back and ‘keep the peace.’

  2. Thanks, Barb, 365 times in the Scriptures we are told by God or Jesus, “Do not be afraid”. God is certainly in charge but we really are sent by Jesus to preach peace, love and reconciliation.

  3. I will continue to be vocal than silent. I will speak up what I strongly believe in when it is necessary even some may disagree. I will continue to listen what is worth listening and reflect on it and discard what is not.


  4. I am sharing a copy of your excellent comments about fear with several of the ladies I mentor and with some women in the Small Faith Groups. Of course, I too need to take it to heart.

  5. Another alternative: “Courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness to go forward despite the fear!” May we stick together and find our way through whatever challenges this year has in store for us. They will be plenty!!!

  6. Thanks Barb! Just this morning in speaking with someone (in vague terms..) about our new political reality, her response was “Well, God’s in charge.” My response was “Yes, but God needs us to do our part in spreading compassion and kindness.” And at times it takes great courage. I, too, an a 6!

  7. Wow! Thanks, Barbara, for some excellent suggestions on moving forward from past fears into 2017! May it become so!



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