Congratulations to the Peace Center

Peace Center Award for Outstanding Community Partnerships

peace-center-coverThe Third Annual Peacebuilders’ Brunch took place on Saturday, January 14, at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, LA. Sponsored by the Isaiah 43 Program of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, the brunch celebrated all of the various ways people in local parishes and other institutions could participate in the program. Isaiah 43 is a parenting and mentoring program that trains facilitators and works with families who want to grow more deeply and care for each other more. For the bigger picture, this means healthy, more peaceful families and thus a safer community.

The Peace Center and St. Rita School and parish received the award for “Outstanding Community Partnerships.” Each year the Peace Center has worked with the school Principal and with the pastor of the parish to invite families to participate and volunteer to make a meal for those who attend, care for the children while parents are meeting and offer hospitality for everyone present. The program in still developing and participation is more quality than quantity. Please pray for the families who can benefit from the program help and also that more parents will respond.

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17 responses to “Congratulations to the Peace Center

  1. Congratulations! I live in this city and this is the first I hear of it – thanks for your ministry.

  2. Suzanne, Pat, and Ceal,

    Congratulations and continued blessings on the Peace center! I am so grateful for your peaceful presence in New Orleans.


  3. Thank you for all you are and do, especially your peace-building presence there in the name of the Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates. Congratulations!

  4. You all are doing a grass roots ministry that will blossom in the years ahead of building the reign of God. Your presence is so visible. Thanks!

  5. Catholic Charities in New Orleans knows and appreciates good work when they see it! Sisters of Peace you truly are! Love, Di and Peter

  6. Congratulations on receiving the award for a job well done and that you are continuing to do and develop. God bless you all. We are very proud of you.


  7. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! People are really beginning to notice you and all you do. Blessings as you continue to help others .

  8. Congratulations on the receiving the award from
    Isaiah 43.
    We are proud of your outstanding ministry to the
    people of New Orleans.

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