Millions of Small Things

Blog by Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP

Jesus describes the kingdom of God in a number of ways. It is: like a mustard seed that grows into a tree, like seeds scattered in a field, like children playing in the square, like yeast in dough, like fine pearls, like a treasure hidden in a field, like a fishing net. All small things.

It struck me that the ways of God are made visible in these and so many other small things. Small stories about people who see, in the circumstances of life, that God is an active player.  Small symbols of God’s generous and compassionate heart are revealed. Small things, a million small things, in which the Divine breaks through our earthly plane. Kindness happens because someone was thoughtful enough to see the needs of another person. Healing comes, sorrows end, new life appears. The poor are fed and the humble are raised up.

Thanksgiving Day is like the kingdom of God too. It is a national feast of small things. A table setting, a few hours with family and friends, favorite foods like turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes, cole slaw, stuffing, cranberries, corn, and peas, and lots of pie. Getting out the good dishes. Fine wine, conversation, and football. What small things would you include?  Yes, Thanksgiving Day is like the kingdom of God, a feast of small things.

Our world is full of really big things…war, poverty, strife and division, fear and hostility. Millions of small things make visible the kingdom of God. Thanksgiving Day is like a thousand points of light, a million acts of kindness, and countless moments of grace. This Thanksgiving Day, let the big things go for a day, have a healing conversation about the small things that make God visible to you, talk with one another about what brings you joy, what gives you pleasure. Appreciate one another and enjoy the kingdom of God.

Hope is found in small things, a million small things can pierce the darkness. A million small things bring about the Kingdom of God.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone.

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8 responses to “Millions of Small Things

  1. Thank you for this gentle reminder that our small acts can make a big difference. And that we have so much to be thankful for.

  2. Thank for your fine reflection, Anne. Yes, the small things. To bring my Salesian background to my Dominican roots and Associate belonging, St. Francis de Sales said: “The measure of our love is to love without measure.” The small things often speak the loudest. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Anne. Thanks for the reminder of how to count on finding hope in small things.

  4. Thank you and I would add that the small things so grab my attention that I can’t help but tell God “thanks”.

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