93 is Too Big a Number

Blog by Justice Promoter Kelly Litt

Sometimes, numbers and statistics are hard to visualize and understand. It’s helpful to have context to numbers to understand the enormity behind them. You might be a little concerned if I told you I ate 93 donuts. Or perhaps you’d be somewhat in disbelief if I said I ran 93 miles yesterday. Luckily for my health, neither of those statements are true, but they do explain how large a number 93 is. It is even larger and more critical of a number when we are speaking about human lives, and the number 93 rings too true in the world of gun violence.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 93 people die every single day from gun violence in the United States. 93 lives lost to gun violence is 93 too many.

A recent New York Times article noted that the United States has 270 million guns; no other country has more than 46 million guns. Isn’t it time we begin to implement some common-sense gun safety policies? Universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons, and a ban on high capacity magazines are common-sense gun safety issues that require legislation.

This month, we remember the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy that occurred 5 years ago. It’s time we take action to ensure no person, no child, is ever harmed again by gun violence. With the recent shootings, it is clear the status quo is not working. More and more individuals are harmed, and killed, by guns. We need legislators to take action and create changes to save lives!

As in years past, the Dominican Sisters of Peace will be participating in the National Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Week (December 6-17). The Peace and Nonviolence Committee offers this prayer resource to use at Motherhouses, Associate groups, parishes, and through personal prayer and meditation. Let’s work toward peace and toward changing the 93 lives lost per day to 0.

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3 responses to “93 is Too Big a Number

  1. Kelly,
    Thank you for the statistics, the imagry, and the reminder that we must move from shock, to prayer and action before 93+ more die..

  2. Kelly,
    Your examples were eye catching and clever to introduce the enormity of the issues of lives lost because of our nation’s poor gun control policies.
    To further the image, and extrapolate the 93/day, that’s
    almost 34,000/year……..way too many lives lost, many innocent and vulnerable citizens.
    We do need prayer power and legislative victory.

  3. Thank you Kelly for raising our awareness of the Issues involving guns. I agree we need legislation to do more about gun control. I was shocked by the number of persons dying daily, due to gun violence. Thank you for the prayer service too.

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