Do You Let the Star Lead You?

Blog by Sr. Mai Dung Nguyen

Have you ever had any conversation with God through the Star that led the Magi to the Baby Jesus? How did that conversation turn out for you?

The Christmas season always brings me back to a special moment of my discernment for religious life. Nineteen years ago, around this time, I was discerning a vocational call to religious life with Dominican Sisters. I lived in Boston with a friend of my family, and after work, I usually walked home from a train station. The city was crowded with people and full of Christmas decorations; but one night in that Advent, I felt so lonely in the middle of this busy city and the night seemed especially very dark. Suddenly, the image of the star leading the Magi to the Baby Jesus came to me. At that moment, I said to God; “I don’t know where I will live. If your Star could lead the Magi to the Baby Jesus, be with me at this moment to guide my steps into the future. You are my Star.” I hold the image of this Star so vividly that I gained courage to move forward with trust and inspiration to join the Dominican Sisters.

The Star is still alive within me and has never faded since then—one year, two years, three years, and even 19 years later. Indeed, it is the Star that has given me courage and enthusiasm to move forward, not only for my discernment year of religious life, but also for my whole life. As an itinerant Dominican, every moment of life is the moment of discernment to live God’s call based on the signs of our time. This Star has taken me to many places without fear and full of joy, hope, love, and peace.

Again, this new year, this Star will take me to another place to meet Jesus. I am leaving Louisville, Kentucky, where I have been living for 14 years, and moving to Wichita, Kansas. I am moving to live closer to my family to help my elderly parents and continue my vocation ministry from that area. Again, I strongly believe that this Star continues to direct me, and I am happy to follow its unfailing guidance.  With this Star and the Dominican charism, I step into this New Year full of enthusiasm, hope, peace, and insight. I hope that I can be God’s star to all those whom I meet. How about you?  Are you willing to let this Star lead you to the place where God is calling you to live without fear? In the year 2019, how much joy, peace, hope, and insight will you have when you let this Star lead you into this New Year?

Have you ever had a trust that the Star of God will lead you into a future full of hope, peace, and insight? Do you want to explore more on how to be itinerant for God’s mission—to be Peace, live Peace, and build Peace? If you do, please contact one of our Vocation Ministers. We also have a “Come and See” discernment retreat weekend March 15-17, 2019 in Akron, Ohio. We, Dominican Sisters of Peace, always welcome you.

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20 responses to “Do You Let the Star Lead You?

  1. Thank you for sharing your star grace. WE are looking forward to being a part of our meetings and gatherings in Great Bend. We are blessed to have you join us.

  2. Mai Dung, on this feast of Epiphany I was inspired again with your reflection. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you follow the star to be with us in Wichita! God’s grace and guidance will be with each of us on this new journey!

  3. Mai Dung,
    Your image of following the Star is such an inspiration as we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany today! My thoughts and prayers are with you as you prepare to move to Wichita to be with our community here. We know God is guiding each of us along this new journey!

  4. Mai Dung,
    On this beautiful feast of Epiphany my thoughts and prayers are with you,as we join together following the Star! Welcome to Wichita as we all continue being guided by the Light of Christ!

  5. Mai Dung, on this beautiful feast of Epiphany my thoughts and prayers are with you, as we journey together, following the Star, knowing that God’s grace and peace are with us each day! Welcome to our community in Wichita!

  6. Mai Dung, thank you for allowing God to lead you to us. We are definitely the richer for it! I’m praying with you as you begin this next phase of your journey with us and with God.

  7. Yes, the STAR is leading you westward. You’ve been a rich part of our study group here, but you must follow that STAR. We’ll miss you.

  8. What a powerful reflection , Mai-Dung! May we all dare to continue to follow the star of hope wherever it leads us! I/we will miss you very much here in Kentucky, but I am so glad you will be more able to accompany your parents at this vulnerable time in their lives! And that in your new ministry you will be helping other young people to identify and find the courage to follow the star in their lives. Thanks for all you are and do! I am proud to call you sister and friend!

  9. Mai-Dung,
    I can feel the trust and courage in all you already have done in your life. Yes, we welcome you to our local community in Wichita. Keep focused on Jesus the Star.

  10. I can’t believe you were here for 14 years. Time goes so fast. I am ever so happy to have been with you for part of those 14 years. You have been a blessing to me and to so many others.
    May you be blessed with whatever graces you need as you move on to KANSAS!

  11. Thank you,Mai Dung,for a beautiful reflection and many blessings on the next part of the journey in following your star.

  12. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey of following the Star.
    My own journey of following that same Star has led me to many new places where I have loved and ministered over 47 years.
    As I reflect on the upcoming Epiphany, I think of the wise men who traveled from afar, not really knowing where that journey would take them, and it was the message of the Star that brought them light, and so it has been for me; even in challenging times.
    May the light of the Star continue to guide us and we are ever open to following it.

  13. What a beautiful story and inspiration. Thank you so much! I wish you well in your new move but I will miss you!

  14. Mai Dung, thank you for your beautiful description of following the Star. I embrace your words ” taken me to many places without fear and full of joy, hope, love, and peace.” Thank you for being such a big part of my becoming an OPA.

  15. Beautiful, Mai. Just before Christmas, I saw the brightest star. In fact, I thought it was a plane. For 3 nights, I sat with that star, meditating on what it would really mean to follow the Star. How does one follow a distant star? Your answer is mystical.

  16. So glad you are following the “star” that is leading you to Wichita KS! I recall our days together in New Orleans after Katrina–good memories! Hopefully we’ll see you soon either at Millwood or in Great Bend!

  17. Welcome to Kansas, Mai. It will be good to see you more often. You are welcome to follow your Star of God at the Motherhouse in Great Bend.

  18. Mai Dung, I love the image of the Star as guiding you toward each new step! I am going to use that Star as we continue to form our new Community! Thanks Margie

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