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Two adages that I heard when I was about 7 or 8 advised: “Never make the same mistake twice, and “Always learn from your mistakes.”

Oh, how I wish I had been able to do that all the time!  Unfortunately, I have to say I probably scored 50 percent on those tests. But, I did learn one thing; I learned to forgive myself.

So often when people continue to fail at things, they often become depressed and begin to feel worthless. Most of the time it’s because they feel they are a disappointment; a disappointment to parents, teachers, peers or God.

What everyone needs to learn is that you can’t disappoint God. You are God’s very own special creation. God knows you inside and out. He knows what your weaknesses and your strengths are. God’s love is made to order just for you. Our failure to know and embrace this keeps us from forgiving ourselves for our mistakes. If God could be sad, which he can’t, this would do it.

Love, which is God’s other name, wants only our happiness. He conveyed that through the prophet Jeremiah; “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Remember that song which goes “Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Start all over again”?  That is pretty much what we are expected to do.

You always have God’s attention; but wait, that’s what you’re afraid of isn’t it? Then, think of God as your very best friend who will not criticize or mock, but just be in your corner all the time.

Remember the promise of Jesus; “Come to me all who are burdened and weary and I will give you rest”. His promises are real and can be trusted. So go ahead and live your life, mistakes and all. The One who loves you best, will be with you to help you pick yourself up.

Be good to yourself.

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8 responses to “Mistakes

  1. Thanks Carol. It good to read your blogs in the Associates.
    If we are honest, we all need to learn to forgive ourselves and also ask forgiveness if we have offended another person.
    God bless you and your preaching,

  2. Thank you, Carol, for this very meaningful blog about God’s special love for each of us. One of the last things we learn is to forgive ourselves, but this forgiveness is so important. Love helps us to move on.

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