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“If the only prayer you ever say is Thank You, it’s enough.”  (Meister Eckhart)

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. There are many things in my life for which I am grateful. Four of my favorites are the Justice Committees that I work with to do our Justice work.  Our Peace and Nonviolence Committee includes Alicia Alvarado, Mary Beth Auletto, Chris Cahalan, Kevin Cahalan, Germaine Conroy, June Fitzgerald, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Michelle Grey, Anne Kilbride, Frank Martens, Judy Morris, and Jerry Stein. The committee developed the corporate stance on Abolition of the Death Penalty, coordinated Blessed are the Peacemakers Webinar, and have worked on Gun Safety Legislation in addition to their individual peace building activities. Go CLARA!

Working to educate us about our environment is our Eco Justice Committee.  The members are Jane Belanger, Marguerite Chandler, Judy Hardy, Jo Hendricks, Karen Martens, Roberta Miller, Terry Wasinger, Mary Kay Woods. The committee has worked tirelessly to help us understand the importance of protecting our Mother Earth, our primary revelation of a generous God.  They have written blogs to get us ready for Earth Day and helped us to participate in the Climate Strike. We are working on ways to calculate our carbon footprint and reduce it.

Our Immigration Committee has written letters, made calls, accompanied immigrants, and made public comments to protect our fragile asylum seekers and refugees.  They include Alicia Alvarado, Esther Calderon, Gemma Doll, Conni Dubick, Judi Engel, Dora Harper, Martha Maloney, Roberta Miller, Rachel Sena, Carol Ann Spencer, Thoma Swanson, Janice Thome, Jim Tinnin, Roserita Weber, Rene Weeks, and Tom Winters.  The committee developed a prayer card using artwork by Sr. Thoma in addition to helping with the Sock and Underwear Drive for asylum seekers in El Paso.

Finally, our Anti Human Trafficking Committee members have been active in work around the country working with trafficked women and educating hotel/motels about how to spot them.  They have written blogs to help us understand what trafficking is and how it affects us especially labor trafficking.  The Dominican Month of Peace will focus on trafficking in India.  Our Trafficking Committee includes Mary Ann Alexander, Nadine Buchanan, Joel Campbell, Barbara Catalano, Carol Davis, Ellen Dunn, and Carol Gaeke.

These are just the highlights of the committee work. They provide so much awareness and guidance for my work. I am also grateful for my leadership liaison, Sr. Gemma Doll, who leads by example and her own involvement in justice work.  It truly takes a village to do justice. Thank you for all your actions and prayers.


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  1. Barb,,
    What a beautiful and informative Blog.
    AND…please know we are very grateful for you and for all
    you do on behalf of so many Dominicans. God Bless You.

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