Aetna Benefits Concerning COVID-19

With all that’s going on with COVID19, here is a brief summary of all of the Aetna benefit specific updates. Please see below and attached:

  • Testing: COVID19 testing will be covered by the plan 100%. CVS is working to offer COVID19 testing. Click here for the latest press release.
  • Treatment: Current plan benefits cover treatment of COVID19 the same as any other condition based upon medical necessity. We’re waiting to hear more on whether this will change to cover treatment at 100% but for now the typical plan benefit rules apply (copay/deductible/coinsurance).

    o No cost Teladoc visits: For 90 days Teladoc visits are covered at no cost (through June 4th). This includes ALL Teladoc visits including behavioral health visits.

    o Healing Better Kit available to members diagnosed with COVID19. This is at no cost to members. The kit arrives within 1-3 days of Aetna receiving notification of diagnosis. Click here for more information on the kit.

  • Prescription Coverage: Early refills available for maintenance medications. Additionally, CVS is waiving delivery charges for members that request to have their medications mailed to their home address from their local CVS store.
  • Other Resources:

    o Aetna Resources For Living (RFL) is offering support to individuals who have been impacted by Coronavirus. This is at no cost to plan sponsors or their members. Those in need of support can access EAP services whether or not they have EAP as part of their benefits. Individuals can contact us at 1-833-327-AETNA (1-833-327-2386).

    o 24/7 access to Aetna’s registered nurses through the Informed Healthline. This program is currently included with Aetna plans but adds a valuable resource to members with health related questions and concerns.

    o Members can also access Aetna’s website for details and FAQ’s about COVID19.

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