There Oughta Be a Law?

Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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There is no law on any book at any level of our government that states we are obligated to wear a face mask. Check it out. Some states have mandated them but synonyms for mandate are directive, instruction, direction, and how seriously do we take those at all times?

The decision to wear a face mask is a moral one not a legal one; thus our difficulty in wanting to decide to do it. We are soooo good at making moral decisions in our country that we had to legalize abortion and the death penalty on national levels and euthanasia is legal in some states. At least going to war takes an act of Congress….or does it? None of those are moral acts but making them legal lets us think we have no choice. Do those laws thus make us more free? Is that why we can’t decide to wear a face mask because there’s no law for or against it thus some level of freedom is being denied to us?

I am in no way a scientist or medical professional. I have to listen to them and trust their judgment. I also have to be perceptive enough to know the charlatans among them who cater to the whims of their supporters. So all in all I have to do what is best for the common good and wearing a face mask, steaming up my glasses, muffling my speech and having to repeat myself, being uncomfortable and letting people question my sanity for wearing one—it is all part of keeping everyone as safe as I know how. I don’t have the answers to how this all happened or how we will make it all end, not my job. If I value the quality of my life and want the best for others around me, making the moral choice might save the day.

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  1. Your moral choice is the right one, Pat. I’m aware of all the difficulties but agree with you completely. It’s not about our own comfort but about others wellbeing.

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