A COVID-19 Shelter In-Place Psalm

By Annette Wheat, OPA

It’s very early morning.
Your sun hasn’t even risen in the sky
Yet I already thirst for you.

I open your Word and read
Knowing that whatever this day will bring
I will need you beside me.

The quiet that surrounds me is so comforting.
A blessing to be alone with you and my thoughts.

So many times during these confusing days I’ve reached out to you.
You make me realize that you give many rainbows after (and during) storms –

I laugh because I now know exactly when my neighbor leaves for her essential job
every morning – and when she returns home.
I watched a mother robin build a nest, lay eggs, hatch them, feed her young
And help them fledge.
I’ve made friends – good friends – with people who I always thought walked in
different circles than I did.
I doubt that I would have paid this much attention had it not been for
the fact that I was forced to stay home and stay safe.
I appreciate being aware of all of these things, and so many more.

But the biggest rainbow of all is that you have become my best friend.
I find myself questioning everything – wanting to trust.
Yet, at the same time, realizing that you have given me
a very strong will and sometimes the need for more black and white
and less gray.

Fear makes me want to retreat to times before when I
thought everything was perfect, only I know now that things weren’t
as great as I thought they were.
That it was just my youth and carefree attitude that made life
seem that way.

I know that only with you can I hope to achieve calm,
To achieve acceptance, to achieve all the rewards that you promised.

I am now able to be strong and join the rest of the world.
Excited to see what this day will bring – somehow comforted by the sameness.

You, my sweet Lord, put a smile on my face and in my heart – and I adore you
And give you thanks.


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8 responses to “A COVID-19 Shelter In-Place Psalm

  1. Thank you, Annette. That was beautifully said. Will reflect on those very inspiring words.

  2. Thank you sharing your Psalm. Your words echo my own. Small treasures God gives sustaining gifts in the silence . You. choose to accept;)
    Thank you Annette

  3. Annette, Thank you for the Psalm for our day. Thank you for reminding me of the rainbows coming my way so often.

  4. Annette that is just a wonderful reflection !
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

    Love you,

  5. Thank you, Annette, so much for sharing this beautiful morning psalm! You have blessed my day! Peace!


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