Peace and Justice Updates 9.30.2020

Act to Help Those Suffering from the Pandemic
The Senate is rushing to place a new Supreme Court Justice and Congress is set to leave town soon. Neither government body has provided relief to those who are suffering from the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the economy. Families cannot wait any longer. Failure to act would leave millions of people struggling to pay rent, buy food, afford healthcare, maintain employment, and meet their basic human needs.

As followers of Christ, we are called to create a society where the needs of the poor and vulnerable are always considered first. Tell your Members of Congress it is time to put aside partisan politics and come to an agreement that supports those who are poor and vulnerable during this pandemic by:

Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), recently signed a joint letter with Catholic leaders calling our lawmakers to action. Read it now.

Learn more about the USCCB’s most recent call to action and the specific requests for policies that protect those who are poor and vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic.

Click here to add your name to the letter from the USCCB.

US Catholic Nuns Against Human Trafficking Voter Guide
The USCNAHT has released its voter’s guide for those interested in preventing human trafficking,. This non-partisan guide offers readers information on the issue of human trafficking and how to determine the views of the candidates in their area. Click here to read.

Is There a Catholic Vote?
The Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage at Loyola University/Chicago presented a fascinating zoom conversation regarding the Catholic vote. Click here to view the program on YouTube.

Become a Poll Worker
Are you interested in serving your nation and your community as a poll worker? Click here to learn how!

Nuns on the Bus
The 2020 Nuns on the Bus tour is virtual, so grab your laptop or tablet and ride along! Click here for a blog from Sr. Michele Morek of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount St. Joseph, Kentucky, featured in Global Sisters Report.

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