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Everyone can agree 2020 has been a challenging year in our human history, filled with so many uncertainties and losses. We cannot predict how from day to day our life will turn out. In such a reality, how do you live each day joyfully and how do you find opportunities to lighten your day?

Although Thanksgiving has passed, I still want to share with you a wonderful turkey story that brought so much lightness to our local community.

One day, a sister and I went to buy a turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner. We brought home two turkeys because of a bargain deal, “buy one, get one free.” We froze one and thawed out the other one, and after the thawed turkey was unpacked, what we saw on this turkey was not what we had expected.

“Oh no! Where are the legs?” I shouted with a high voice, drawing the attention of three other sisters in my community who were in the kitchen.

“Oh, no wings either. Why?” my voice sounded higher.  

For those who desire dark turkey meat for their Thanksgiving dinner, you can imagine how disappointed I was at that moment. While I was still fretting over missing these delicious parts of the turkey, suddenly, after looking at the turkey, then looking at my sisters, all four of us burst out laughing at the same time.  We were laughing because the fine print on the package labeling read “Honey Turkey Breast.”  This was not a whole turkey.  We chuckled and shared humorous conversations back and forth.

“No wonder it was buy one get one free.”

But … we saved almost $40 in purchasing the turkey.”

“Think about it this way: if the turkey had legs and wings, it would fly away and would not be here for us to eat.”

Maybe the wings and the legs are somewhere helping people affected by the pandemic.”

We laughed and laughed without stopping. We could not believe that this turkey uplifted our spirit so much. If we had a whole, perfect turkey, we would not have enjoyed a memorable and funny Thanksgiving Day.

Having this joyful spirit within the community, plus the presence of the turkey without legs and wings, brought to mind the scripture quote, “We are the body of Christ.” Yes, we are the body of Christ to one another in any situation and wherever we live. Through the community of Christ, darkness can become the light of Christ, shining in various ways. We did not have the dark meat, but we had abundant laughter instead. Even now, after two weeks, we still laugh every time we talk about the turkey and recall our jokes. The breast meat was the most delicious turkey meat that I had ever eaten before, maybe because it was seasoned with our joyful spirit. And yet, the lost wings and legs of this turkey reminds us that God needs our help as God’s wings and legs to deliver love, hope, joy, peace to the world through who we are.

This turkey story speaks volumes for us as we live out this Advent season with joy, love, peace, and hope.  It is a story that calls us to give thanks for what we receive each day.

Today is a great day to give thanks to God
for my life and the lives of others.
Today is a great day to reaffirm that
with God, everything is possible.
With God, all pieces of life come together,
for God is the energy in all relationships,
pulling all things together in unity and love.
Today is a great day to start over as a brand-new day.
New possibilities are opened throughout the day,
for me to live fully under God’s grace,
to become truly who I am called to be,
to give one another legs to walk or wings to fly.
If today is not a great day, what day would be a great day for me?

If today you feel God’s voice nudging you, this is definitely a great day to discern your call. Visit our vocation website page or contact us. We don’t need a perfect day or a perfect plan to start our discernment, for today is a great day that God has given to us.

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5 responses to “Living Today as a Day of Thanks

  1. Thanks, Mai Dung for such a delightful story that can give us a deep spiritual message. Have a Blessed Christmas. Germaine

  2. I couldn’t imagine where your story was going. How priceless. We all need laughter these days. Next time recall: If it sounds too good to be true, read the fine print!

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