Peace and Justice Updates: 4.14.2021

Speak Against the Death Penalty
In the wake of an unprecedented federal execution spree by the Trump administration, the momentum and urgency behind abolishing the federal death penalty has never been stronger. Over the past few months, you might have seen Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) promoting a petition targeted to President Biden, urging him to take the concrete steps at his disposal to dismantle this broken system. Already more than 5,500 Catholics and people of goodwill have signed.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to add your signature to this petition, click here to sign.

Care for People, Care for Creation
The way we grow our food and manage our land has a huge impact on the climate, and has the potential to be a powerful solution as well.

Modern industrial agriculture has allowed us to grow food more abundantly and cheaply than ever before, but the hidden cost is the health of our soil. Tilling and chemicals degrade the soil, inhibiting its ability to hold water and carbon. This leads to erosion and desertification, releasing carbon into the atmosphere contributing to climate change.

There is funding to improve agriculture and land practices in the proposed infrastructure package. Now, we need Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack to commit to prioritizing USDA resources for small to medium farmers and ranchers directly –  especially those of color, who have too often been underserved – to support their efforts to innovate and act quickly to regenerative practices that keep carbon in the soil.

Click here to sign the petition to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.


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