Sometimes God Calls Through a Song

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

The lyrics to the song Hosea (Come Back to Me), are inviting my attention as I write this soon-to-be summertime reflection.  If you are not familiar with this song, the first two lines are captivating:

Come back to me with all your heart
Don’t let fear keep us apart

We hear the Faithful One calling to us and encouraging us to not surrender to whatever fear or doubts separate us from each other. We are invited into a dance to swing and swirl with a free spirit, to open ourselves to Divine beauty, where the next two lines tell us:

Trees do bend, though straight and tall;
So must we to others’ call.

In the bending of the trees, we hear the call to justice, the call to be with and for one another. We must open our hearts and remember that we make this human journey together.  We need each other and the message that we are being invited to hold is to remember what the Divine whispers to us in every season of life:

Long have I waited for your coming
Home to me and living
deeply our new life.

Summer awaits us with heart-felt yearnings to let the beauty of Mother Nature seep into our being, into our soul.  Closing my eyes to visualize all the beauty that nature brings to us during this season, I feel the joy of new life arising. And yet, I wonder if everyone has this opportunity to feel, to see, and to experience this beauty and this possibility for new beginnings.  Can we hear and believe the words to the next stanza of this song:

The wilderness will lead you to your heart
Where I will speak.
Integrity and justice
With tenderness you shall know.

Wherever life’s journey finds or leads you, I hope you find space to come home to your Self, to the Creator where love and compassion are eager to hold you. May we each rest in and know this Holy space.

Perhaps the wind that whistles through the trees is carrying a message to you, inviting you to see and hear God’s call for you to explore becoming a religious sister.  When you are ready, we encourage you to contact us.

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6 responses to “Sometimes God Calls Through a Song

  1. Beautiful, Ellen, one of my favorite song … never gets old.
    But your reflection put more flesh to to it.

    Have a wonderful summer and if you get some rain send some to AZ!!

  2. Mary Ellen, I’ve always loved the song and your reflection adds a new richness to it. Peace, love and joy, Diane

  3. Dear Mary Ellen . . . thank you ! Very cleaver and very nicely said. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

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