Invitations from the Eco-Justice Committee:

If you are interested in joining the Eco-Justice Committee, you are invited to contact Judy Hardy at

Last Monday, July 12, Sr. Marguerite Chandler offered some suggestions for addressing Goal 6 of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, a 7-year Catholic Effort Addressing the Climate Crisis instituted by Pope Francis.  Goal Six is to attain ecological spirituality… to recover a religious vision of God’s Creation, encourage greater contact with the natural world in a spirit of wonder, praise, joy and gratitude, promote creation-centered liturgical celebrations, develop ecological catechesis, prayer, retreats, formation, etc.

You are invited to share other suggestions for addressing this goal. You can include them below or send them to Judy Hardy at

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One response to “Invitations from the Eco-Justice Committee:

  1. I am very happy to hear of this focus on “Ecological Spirituality”. I just finished writing a thank you note to a wonderful Cherokee news program for their willingness to share themselves and there beautiful culture with all of us people. The latest program focused on Cherokee women and leadership, they are proudly a Matriarchal Society, and these women are wonderfully intelligent, creative and passionately dedicated to the Cherokee vision of life which includes and celebrates “Ecological Spirituality” with love and respect for all creatures, and our dear Mother Earth. We can learn from our Cherokee sisters.

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